Cochrane Creek is a new generation family farm.

Rudy grew up on a farm near Swift Current, Saskatchewan (go Riders) where he developed a passion for old farm equipment and problem solving. Rebecca grew up on Fisher River Cree Nation. Her connection to the land first led her to forestry and then to her stubborn garden plot at Cochrane Creek. When they found each other, that long ago New Year’s Eve (shout out to Heather and Andrea) they knew that their future included farming, with a commitment to sustainability and growing and raising food.

If you ask them (or even if you don’t) they will wax philosophical, and poetical, and political, about the need for small, sustainable, mixed family farms for the future of our society. They are applying everything they have learned from their own family histories to this endeavour, along with everything modern ecological farm practice can teach them (thank you internet).

Farming can be heart-aching, back-breaking, exhausting, and unforgiving. It is also fundamentally meaningful, land-based, community building work. Farmers feed the world. Rebecca and Rudy feed people, and that is what they are about.

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